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About Luxembourg

Luxembourg holiday will be a passage to a land that oozes an air of timeless tranquility. Visitors to the country can spend time in lush land of rushing rivers, rising hills and ancient castles. Facts About Luxembourg is it's an attractive country with a green and picturesque landscape and many historical sites all worth a visit.

All about luxembourg shows that it’s located in the heart of Western Europe. Luxembourg is roughly triangular, it borders on Belgium in the west and north, Germany in the east, and France in the south. The city of Luxembourg is the capital and largest city. The country is 84 km (51.7 miles) long and 52 km (32 miles) wide, covering an area of 2586 square kilometers (999 square miles) with a population of 459 500 inhabitants.

Luxembourg holiday would be an experience in itself as Luxembourg lives for and from tourism. The country has high level of tourist attractions not only in numbers but largely in quality. Natural tourist attractions are the basis for number of activities. The country has un-spoilt nature and the natural attractions: walking, hiking, cycling, and horse-riding take place everywhere. Some natural sites are well worth an excursion as well, such as underground caves and strange rock formations. Arboretums and game parks show the life of our forests. The Historical tourist attractions about Luxembourg range from medieval castles and chateaux scattered all over the province to interesting industrial heritage and museums which are in abundance. Adventure sports have known a very fast development and canoeing or white water rafting are major attractions in the summer season.
For Luxembourg holiday the best time to come is late spring when the northern European days are long and the summer crowds have not yet arrived and in fall. In late spring, summer, and early fall, you have daylight until 10 PM, in winters the dusk comes early before 4 PM.

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