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Climate in Luxembourg

Luxembourg weather is generally temperate, with the warmest months from May to September. Snow is possible in winter, and the northern area is wetter and colder than the south. The Climate in luxembourg is mild and temperate thus summers are generally cool, with a mean temperature of about 17°C (63°F); winters are seldom severe, average temperature being about 0°C (32°F). The high peaks of the Ardennes in the north shelter the country from rigorous north winds, and the prevailing northwesterly winds have a cooling effect. Climate in luxembourg has ample rainfall in the extreme southwest; precipitation throughout the country averages about 75 cm (30 in) annually.

The best time to visit Luxembourg is from mid May to mid October. That's when luxembourg weather is warm. Winters aren't too cold, but a sweater is almost always needed at night, even in summer. Another year-round necessity is an umbrella, because the climate in luxembourg tends to be damp. Raincoats are advisable at all times of the year.


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