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Luxembourg is the place for outdoor and even indoor sports activities. Its topography, its abundance in woods and forests, its numerous rivers and lakes all make it an ideal setting for adventure and sports in un-spoilt nature. During your stay you could explore unique things in Luxembourg.

Enjoy unique luxembourg things on the ground, on the water or even in the air. Unique things about luxembourg include from nature walks, horse rides, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing, gliding, paragliding, golfing, skiing and lots more.

Luxembourg people find reasons for rejoicing and if there is no reason there will always be a good excuse. Thus this small country has numerous current events in Luxembourg and Luxembourg’s historical events spread through out the calendar year. Festivals are always taking place some place, in the smallest village or in a market town. The Luxembourg people never lack in imagination when it comes to rejoicing, they seem to have a long tradition of meetings and festivities running back to the medieval times. All these festivities and traditions have turned into important Luxembourg events. During your stay on the country make it a point not to miss out on these festivities.

Current events for Luxembourg start with the village fete with its stalls, its bars, its competitions, its traditional dance, its craft market, jousts. Over the years the ancestral traditions have added into a large number of cultural events, carnivals, local markets and markets of farm produce, sports competitions, festivals and meetings of all types.

For a small country, Luxembourg has an array of festivals or Luxembourg events. The most popular current events in Luxembourg are:


Carnival : This is held six weeks before Easter.
Burgsonndeg : It is held the on the following week of the Carnival
National Day : Celebrated on 23 June with parties and revelry akin to those on New Year's Eve, particularly in Luxembourg City.
Octave : A Catholic festival held from late April to early May. Street parades are headed up by the royal family.
Schueberfouer : A fortnight's worth of fair-type fun held in late August that features a cavalcade of decorated sheep joining in the street side revelry.
Whitsunday : This event is celebrated in east of the capital, the Müllerthal town of Echternach celebrates the 7th Sunday after Easter.
Broom Flower festival : On the same weekend of Easter, up in Ardennes, the town of Wiltz celebrates its yearly flower festival with parades and colorful floats.
Wine festival : The Moselle Valley's wine festivals begin in August and run through November's 'New Wine' celebration in Wormeldange.


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